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Our story


Showgirl Arrivals was created in 2013 by myself, Endia Abrante a local Las Vegas business woman with two B.A. degrees from UNLV as an extension of a very successful event planning company I own, Femme Fatale V.I.P. Showgirl Arrivals is inspired by the timeless beauty of the iconic Las Vegas showgirl.  I recall vividly as a child visiting Las Vegas and feeling as though I had glitter in my socks whenever I encountered a Showgirl.  They were the embodiment of femininity, talent, glamour, grace and sophistication. They are multifaceted, elusive once set upon a stage, their talents magical and their performances so enchanting they command your attention. I wanted to be just like them. Many of the things I accomplished in life were inspired by the Las Vegas showgirl. I set standards and goals based on the attributes I wanted to possess to be more like a  showgirl. As I accomplished my goals I felt empowered and confident. This inspiration led me to move to Las Vegas in 2001 and I set out to make my dream of becoming a showgirl a reality. I became a Showgirl and performer at various properties on the Las Vegas strip. I was living my dream and loving it each step of the way. I enjoyed interacting and putting smiles on the faces of those who visited Las Vegas from all around the world.


There were so many cultures, languages and with each encounter I felt as though the world became a bit smaller and we all became a bit more connected. I grew tremendously as a person and I learned a lot from those who I met. I knew these interactions were truly special and that they would forever have a profound affect on my soul. Joy is universal as it transcends cultures and languages and we never forget how an experience makes us feel.

I set out to capture that feeling and I created Showgirl Arrivals so that you too could experience the awe inspiring allure of the Las Vegas Showgirl.  For myself the glitter that was once in my socks as a child has traveled to my heart as an adult and that is where I hold it today. I want to share that same glitter and feeling of joy with you. I want everyone to have a bit of glitter in their step and a sparkle in their eye. Inner beauty and confidence is the true meaning of glitz and glamour. Our showgirls will inspire you like they did when I was a child and how they continue to inspire me each day to live my best life. You will certainly feel the glitter too once you're touched by a Showgirl Arrivals showgirl. Allow our special showgirls to step off the prestigious stages of the Las Vegas strip and into the varying stages of your life to celebrate your achievements along side you.  Nothing says V.I.P or special event like the addition of Showgirl Arrivals showgirls. Glitter is contagious and it sticks to everything, spread it about and "Shine ON!" 


Endia Abrante